The Ocean

The Sea

The Sea is God’s attractive yard of water. Standing upon the Sandy shore looking out at its magnitude regarding the eye can see is God’s remarkable creation. You can see his power and also the waves of the water’s subjection to his command as they roll towards the coast then decline when its enabled location has been reached. Some have been known to claim that its salty contents have been restorative to their body after a relaxing dip. I can sit and also enjoy its amazing water program for hours. I have never experienced anything even more calm as well as relaxing that aligns my spirit with my Heavenly Father, the designer of Heaven and Planet. I never undervalue or checks its power by going too far from the water’s side. I enjoy to wait the shore line as well as listen to nature’s music as the waves come collapsing to coast. It’s such a beautiful noise.

If you ever before locate yourself doubting the existence of God all you need to do is look up and take a look around you. The ocean, the sky, as well as dry land surprise me. In the starting besides Almighty God (Alpha and also Omega, the beginning as well as the end, the very first and also the last) there was only water. In Genesis words of God states the spirit of God floated over the water, it takes place to say that God separated the water and also made completely dry land appear. Check Out New York, New Jacket, The Golden State as well as Hawaii to name a few, all Islands on top of a body of water. You can’t persuade me this isn’t another item of evidence of God’s existence and power. That do you assume is keeping these enormous places full of cities, dwellings, as well as individuals afloat and also from sinking? Nobody yet God!

I say thanks to God for eyes to see as well as ears to hear all that is around me that points to his endless glory. When God creates something he leaves no rock unturned. He is a very extensive as well as meticulous organizer. The Sea is filled with lots of sea creatures, each with its own purpose, some of them being nature’s filter to maintain this marvelous body of water tidy.

Altogether there are many points that indicate a power more than us, a power more smart than we might ever be and above and also prior to all of us and that is God. He is the beginning, he spoke things into presence. All points were made by him including the production (the beginning of human being). Man (Adam) being his first human production formed from the dust of the ground which he took a breath the breath of life into as well as Eve being the 2nd produced from the rib of Adam.

The Paradises proclaim the glory of God, fertilization as well as birth is an additional. I can continue but for me the Ocean will always be near the top of my checklist of point that indicate God. I have actually never ever seen anything like it as well as to think there are 5 oceans and they all link from State to State and also Continent to Continent. That is genuinely a Remarkable Wonder developed by God!

Aura Lane

Aura Lane

Aura's love for journaling and blogging has been years in the works. Once she moved to NYC it really took off. She loves to travel, eat vegan food, and drink coffee.