Why you might need bifocal reading glasses as you age

Eye glasses and contact lenses were a wonderful invention, especially to those of us who rely on them daily. Having these tools to help us with our vision in our younger and especially older years, as the eyes change even more, is an incredibly valuable function of the various types of glasses.

While many prefer contact lenses so they can see clearly without having the view of the frames around the eyes, the use of glasses is equally valuable. Some people have a hard time wearing contacts, others prefer the look and feel of glasses. But when you come to an age where you need glasses to see short distances as well as long distances you need to start looking at bifocal reading glasses.

The Benefits Of Bifocal Reading Glasses Bifocal reading glasses allow the user to focus on objects that are both far and near. Some people have issues doing that naturally, these people are suffering from an eye condition called Presbyopia.

Bifocals allow for an easy transition from focusing on objects that are far to those that are near. Bifocal glasses have two sections within each lens, the upper section helps distance vision and the lower section magnifies to help focus on things that are near. People suffering from Presbyopia don’t have to struggle with two sets of spectacles – their regular glasses and their reading glasses – if they have bifocal lenses. With bifocals they just need the one set of glasses.

Bifocals Often Come With Age It is pretty common for people who are 40 and over to start having problems reading things up close. You may have seen people at a restaurant squinting and stretching the menu as far as they could so they could read it. Those who had normal vision before this age likely just need reading glasses, as the near vision is the only problem. But those who were near sighted before age 40 will probably need bifocal reading glasses as the close vision starts to fade with age and they still struggle to see things farther away without corrective lenses.

If you already have reading glasses but you have a hard time seeing things clearly at a distance, you may need to have bifocal glasses. But check with your eye specialist first as he or she will be able to correctly diagnose your vision problems and recommend the best corrective lenses.

Once you get familiar with them bifocal reading glasses are a wonderful thing because they allow you to see both near and far more clearly with a single pair of glasses. You just need to get familiar with using them correctly. At first it can feel a little strange having two different types of vision in one lens, but most people adjust to this quickly. Bifocal glasses are much more convenient and you have less chance of losing your glasses when you don’t need to carry an extra pair with you and you no longer need to keep switching from one to the other.

Learn more about the different types of bifocal glasses and get tips on buying the best pair for you: Bifocal Reading Glasses.

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