Aningaq a Global Think Tank Start Up Aims to Redefine the Future of Think Tanks

Traditional hour-by-hour news we digest fosters constant apprehension. In a time of alleged “disinformation”, Aningaq is aiming to redefine the future of think tanks by organically building out the first decentralised platform of its kind to remedy this. Aningaq seeks to be a conduit for constructive and solution-orientated content on global issues in order to craft a better tomorrow for our communities. Its mission is to help inspire and nurture ideas that advance the rule of law. “Not just within traditional media, we also live in a world of poor political leadership and increasing complexity. We have short-term elections to solve long-term issues, creating an imbalance in implementing effective solutions for society. I see think tanks as a tool that can be innovated to be a part of the answer to close the gap between closed-circle policymakers and the media,” said Nisaa, the founder of Aningaq. “Rather than being trapped in vectors of hate speech and distorted information, Aningaq seeks to reinvent the wheel in order to inspire you with critical ideas, creative stories, and realistic solutions about our world at large.” Institutional systems that by default favour delusion will continue to create deep societal divisions. Without focusing on what happens four years from now and not having access to different perspectives on solutions to global issues, there will continue to be questionable trends of closed-circle policy decisions that do not accurately reflect the needs of our world, an increase in the mockery of the rule of law, and a lack of clear direction for the future generations. Aningaq envisions a world comprised of rule of law communities creating justice, opportunity, and solutions. The think tank is creating a platform that facilitates inspiration, direction, and truth by:

Uncovering solutions at intersections of advocacy and research; Reporting through a lens of academic freedom and constructive discourse; Standing for the rule of law through immersive community building.

Founder Nisaa is determined, aiming to “rewrite the way we give attention to the wrong news” and to shift away from fear-based stories by driving the focus towards hope, authentic explanations, and innovative solutions in our increasingly complex world. Aningaq is currently crowdfunding. You can follow our social media to support the movement. For partnerships with the organisation, visit here. About Aningaq Aningaq is an independent think tank start-up currently being built out organically. The think tank is redefining how to provide solutions to the public and governments by developing immersive digital content that facilitates constructive storytelling to build informed communities of action. Aningaq is currently crowdfunding. For more information on working with or supporting Aningaq, visit, follow our social media to stay updated, or learn more about Nisaa here. Aningaq Contact Information: Nisaa Hussain [email protected] Source: Aningaq

Aura Lane

Aura Lane

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