Shaping Public Opinion the Right Way by Understanding Embracing and Using Real Advocacy Journalism

SHAPING PUBLIC OPINION: How Real Advocacy Journalism™ Should Be Practiced (June 2021), winner of the Nellie Bly Nonfiction Journalism Award, addresses the growing, if not urgent, need to understand the difference between the advocacy journalism being practiced today and Real Advocacy Journalism™. Author Janice Ellis revisits the works of Walter Lippmann, one of the foremost advocate journalists of the last 100 years, for a roadmap on how to know the difference. Shaping Public Opinion has received great national and local editorial reviews. Below are excerpts from some of those reviews: “This book…urges journalists to turn to the example of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Walter Lippmann…. A central argument is that Lippmann embodied what the author terms ‘Real Advocacy Journalism,’ which eschewed demagoguery and tribalism for a belief that ‘reason, logic, facts, truth, and clear and graphic language’ were the ‘most effective instruments of public (mass) persuasion….’ Remarkably well-researched,…the book admirably demonstrates the value of using the famed 20th-century journalist in 21st-century conversations about public knowledge, journalistic ethics, and public persuasion. In a world of tweets, sound bites, and hot takes, the eloquence, nuance, and logical style of Lippmann, as convincingly displayed by Ellis, is a welcome respite. A…well-researched and convincingly argued case.” –Kirkus Reviews, The most trusted voice in book reviews since 1933. “Essential reading for today. Powerful and timely.” –Chanticleer International Reviews, Discovering Today’s Best Books through Editorial Book Reviews. “Award-winning author Janice Ellis dives deep into the work of legendary Walter Lippmann, the original, authentic real advocacy newsman, and rigorously presents compelling, page-turning scholastic evidence of how real advocacy journalism can change the course of a nation.” –Donna Brazile, National Political Commentator, FOX, CNN, ABC “Janice Ellis, instead of simply complaining about the highly polarized nature of America’s politics and its broader society today, proposes a rational and achievable solution…. Her goal is not more strident voices yelling past each other but, rather, credible, wise journalism that helps our nation find its way in a post-fact world that’s deeply anxious about the future.” –Bill Tammeus, Past president, National Society of Newspaper Columnists “Finally, a book with practical solutions to help journalists go beyond superficial reporting of angry claims and counter-claims from political opponents.” –Cynthia Newsome, Veteran Television Anchor, KSHB-41 TV, Kansas City, MO “Janice Ellis seeks to bridge the gap between the preponderance of conflicting conspiracy theories interwoven in the media with truth…that interferes with the public’s ability to question, examine, and respond to… issues that impact their lives.” –Lillie Smith Bailey, Ph.D., Author of The Point of It All  About the Author Janice S. Ellis, MA, MA, Ph.D., is a native daughter of Mississippi, who grew up and came of age during the height of the Civil Rights Movement and the Women’s Liberation Movement. For four decades, Janice Ellis has analyzed educational, political, social, and economic issues across race, ethnicity, age, and socioeconomic status for a major metropolitan daily newspaper, community newspapers, radio, and now online at JaniceSEllis. Her memoir, From Liberty to Magnolia: In Search of the American Dream (2018) has received several national and international awards. Contact Information: Janice S. Ellis, Ph.D. (816) 835-7276 [email protected]  Source: Janice S. Ellis, PhD

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