California Democratic Challenger to Newsom Raises Over a Quarter of a Million in 14 Days

The Meet Kevin Paffrath campaign announced that he has successfully raised over a quarter of a million dollars only 2 weeks after announcing his candidacy. The money was raised from over 3,000 individual donors with no single donation totaling more than $5,000. The average donation amount was approximately $73 with $230,000 already received and another $20,000 committed. None of these donations are from the candidate or family members. Paffrath claims this shows the movement to recall Newsom is NOT just a “Republican recall,” the recall is a symptom of Gavin Newsom’s failures to lead California in solving our Homeless Emergency, Housing Emergency, Traffic Emergency, and Schooling Emergencies. Meet Kevin Paffrath’s has a 20-part plan to solve California’s crisis including declaring 4 states of emergency:

State of Emergency: Ending Homelessness within 60 days.

State of Emergency: Housing Crisis: State to Takeover ALL Building and Safety/Development for Expediting Building Permits IMMEDIATELY.

State of Emergency: Creating Future Schools to immediately provide a free path to financial, vocational, high school, and college education in ONE platform.

State of Emergency: Transportation: Immediately authorizing and requiring private proposals for tunnels, variable toll roads, mass transit, roads, and ending High-Speed-Rail Funding.

Additional priorities include no income tax on the first $250,000 of income and legalizing gambling both in-person and online. Media Inquiries: [email protected] 20-Part Plan:  Source: Meet Kevin Paffrath For Governor Campaign

Aura Lane

Aura Lane

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