LALAL AI Voice Cleaner AI Solution to Cancel Background Noise is Released

The world’s first 8-stem source separation service LALAL.AI has launched Voice Cleaner, a feature for artifact-free recording enhancement, powered by AI background music and noise cancellation technology. “Behind Voice Cleaner, there is the unique algorithm powered by artificial intelligence, trained to precisely cancel unwanted sounds, get rid of mic rumble, and vocal plosives to ensure a crystal clear voice in the recording,” says Nikolay Pogorskiy, Lead Engineer.  As per the LALAL.AI Voice Cleaner’s developers, the feature can be exploited in multiple areas by the following creators: 

Streamers to remove music from videos to avoid copyright issues;  Journalists to clean up interviews, enhancing voice quality; Transcribers to extract speech from movies for speech-to-text translation; Musicians to cancel background noise to improve vocal recording results. 

Users can now test LALAL.AI Voice Cleaner and assess the previews on the official website. Different packs from 90 to 5,000 minutes with API access for business purposes are available.  To learn more, please contact Klara Alexeeva, LALAL.AI Communications Manager at [email protected]  Source: LALAL.AI

Aura Lane

Aura Lane

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