The Lewis Prize for Music Announces Its 2022 Accelerator Awards of 500 000 Each

The Lewis Prize for Music - a philanthropic music arts organization advancing systems change through Creative Youth Development (CYD) - has announced its 2022 Accelerator Awards recipients. Founded in 2018 by philanthropist Daniel R. Lewis, The Lewis Prize for Music believes young people with access to high-quality music-learning opportunities mature into thriving individuals. By supporting music leaders across the country, The Lewis Prize for Music seeks to inspire others to ensure every young person has the opportunity to access transformative music learning that benefits them and their communities.  “I continue to be inspired by the work of leaders that invest in CYD to improve self-expression, social-emotional, and employment outcomes for young people,” says Daniel R. Lewis, Founder, and Chairman of The Lewis Prize for Music. “The Lewis Prize for Music’s chosen path to the equitable systems change needed to guarantee all youth thrive is through collaboration among CYD organizations, partners, funders, and government.” The Accelerator Awards are part of The Lewis Prize for Music’s $20 million commitment over five years for CYD organizations creating positive change through youth music programs. “Our 2022 Accelerator Awardees are creating spaces for young people to develop artistry and leadership that strengthens themselves and their communities,” says Dalouge Smith, CEO of The Lewis Prize for Music. 2022 AWARDEES Accelerator Awardees - $500,000 We Are Culture Creators, Detroit, MI Founded by Michael Reyes and Elizabeth Stone, We Are Culture Creators has established itself as a growing and expanding program providing young people with opportunities in both the fields of business and community. Many We Are Culture Creators participants are becoming the next generation of Detroit entertainers and entrepreneurs.  The Heartbeat Music Project, Crownpoint, NM Founded in 2016 by violinist Ariel Horowitz, teachings at The Heartbeat Music Project push back on settler colonialism, a system that devalues Indigenous music while elevating Western music genres. By offering Diné and Western music simultaneously, Heartbeat disrupts the colonial project and provides Diné youth equitable access to heretofore ‘elitist’ knowledge.  RYSE Youth Center, Richmond, CA Founded nearly two decades ago by co-founders Kimberly Aceves-Iñiguez and Kanwarpal Dhaliwal, RYSE envisions a community that inspires youth to live with pride and purpose, where the sounds of gunshots have been replaced by the sounds of organizing, song, collaboration, laughter, and learning. INTEMPO, Stamford, CT Founded in 2009 by violinist Angelica Durrell, INTEMPO offers children the opportunity to express themselves artistically through traditional and classical music and instrumentation. The organization is committed to connecting the dots between intercultural music education and its influence on the socio-emotional and intellectual development of children. Infusion Awardees - $50,000

White Hall Arts Academy, Los Angeles, CA

The Roots of Music, New Orleans, LA

Catalyst Awardees - $25,000

Totem Star, Seattle, Washington

Media Rhythm Institute, Baltimore, MD

PRESS CONTACT: Kenneth Courtney | [email protected] Source: The Lewis Prize for Music

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