Tonic Audio Welcomes Former Major Label Marketing Executive Alex Coronfly to Advisory Team

Tonic Audio makes it easy for musicians to collaborate remotely and make beautiful music together. To further this aim, the platform, which lets users store their music and get instant feedback on their song projects, tapped veteran major label radio promotion and marketing wiz Alex Coronfly as a key advisor. Coronfly will add his considerable industry experience to Tonic Audio’s intuitive suite of solutions and tools that help musicians collaborate and get their projects completed more efficiently and effectively. Getting things done effectively is what Coronfly has been doing for over 20 years at the music industry’s highest level. In his work on the promotion and marketing teams at Geffen Records, Reprise Records and Capitol Records respectively, Coronfly was an integral part of the teams that successfully launched projects from Katy Perry, Sam Smith, Alanis Morissette, George Michael, and Green Day to name a few. Of his time at three major labels, Coronfly says “My job was to promote fledgling and established artists to radio stations on a national level. As the digital world grew, new opportunities for exposure presented themselves for artists both locally and nationally.” Tonic Audio CEO Ethan Clift sees new opportunities for the company under Coronfly’s advisement. “We see the problems musicians face from one angle; Alex sees them from an entirely different perspective–one that could only come from an industry veteran,” Clift notes. “We are excited to explore the opportunities that might come our way through his connections to the music industry.” In an industry disrupted and transformed by consumer to consumer sharing of commercial audio files over twenty years ago, Tonic Audio is creating the next wave of digital solutions in the music collaboration space. Coronfly observes, “When I first heard of Tonic Audio, I was floored that a creative platform like this had never been created for musicians (casual and/or professional) to share their art, receive feedback and collaborate with like-minded artists. It’s an innovative approach to garner feedback and feel part of a community. As an adviser, I am very excited to see Tonic Audio grow and fill an important niche that has been missing in the industry.” Reno, Nevada-based Tonic Audio, allows users to ditch messy folders, lost messages and email links and share music easily and safely. Built right in the user’s browser; no downloads necessary. Designed by and for musicians. — Tonic Audio Media Contact Ethan Clift  (775) [email protected] Source: Tonic Audio

Aura Lane

Aura Lane

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