You Are Worth 1 010 on the Dark Web New Study by PrivacyAffairs Finds

Credit card details, online banking logins, and social media credentials are available on the dark web at worryingly low prices. Researchers at privacy website collected hundreds of examples of such data being sold as part of their Dark Web Price Index.

Online banking logins cost an average of $40 Full credit card details including associated data cost $14-$30 A full range of documents and account details allowing identity theft can be obtained for around $1,000

Forged documents including driving licenses, passports, and auto-insurance cards can be ordered to match stolen data.The research team scanned dark web marketplaces, forums, and websites, to create the price index for a range of products and services relating to personal data, counterfeit documents, and social media. Online banking logins cost an average of $40 Online banking credentials typically include login information, as well as name and address of the account holder and specific details on how to access the account undetected. Full credit card details including associated data costs: $14-$30 Credit card details are usually formatted as a simple code that includes card number, associated dates and CVV, along with account holders’ data such as address, ZIP code, email address, and phone number.A full range of documents and account details allowing identity theft can be obtained for $1,010That includes: Stolen online banking logins, min. $100 on account: $40U.S. driving license, high quality: $400Hacked Facebook account: $45Stolen credit card details: $25Europe national ID card, high-quality: $500Total: $1,010 Criminals can switch the European ID for a U.S. passport for an additional $4,000, bringing the total to $5,010 for enough data and documents to do any number of fraudulent transactions. “If someone gets their hands on your financial details or social media credentials, the prices mentioned above are basically what it’s worth to them. There’s a good chance that you value these things much more than they do, as to them you’re just another mark for a quick buck.” Sale of hacked crypto accounts is blooming Dark web markets are full with listings of hacked cryptocurrency trading accounts and wallets such as Coinbase, LocalBitcoins, Kraken, Cex and more. Hacked Coinbase verified account: $610USA verified LocalBitcoins account: $350Kraken verified account: $810 Stolen data is very easy to obtain The general public needs to not only be aware of how prevalent the threat of identity theft is but also how to mitigate that threat by applying due diligence in all aspects of their daily lives. The full Dark Web Price Index 2021 can be found at For questions regarding the research or more information about the report, contact Marcus Jones at [email protected] or visit PrivacyAffairs. Source: PrivacyAffairs

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